‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ (2016) – Movie Review


It’s not great, It’s not bad, It’s just okay. Sound familiar?

So this is the sixth…SIXTH X-Men film and is the fourth X-Men directed by Brian Singer, for me I had no interest in seeing this film hence why my review has taken so long to go up, the marketing was weak and generic so I really had no expectations for this film and it really shouldn’t have been that way considering ‘X-Men: First Class’ and ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ were two fantastic films but Sophie Turner was right as her character Jean Gray mentions in the film that the third film is the worst as it absolutely applies to this film because Apocalypse pales in comparison to First Class or Days of Future Past.


Characters, Performances and what I enjoyed most from ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’: 

Even with the films goofy title, there’s a lot to admire about this film, I’ve never been the biggest X-Men fan but I’ve been won back over ever since First Class, the film once again gives us great characters moments throughout specifically with Michael Fassbender’s Magneto, he is subsequently the emotional core of this film, you understand his motivations clearly and you become invested with the journey his character takes, it’s really hard write about how his character was so great in this film without spoiling anything but there are moments in the film that really hit home in terms of the dramatic side of things that you’ve seen in such films like ‘Captain America:Civil War’ with Tony Stark.


Quicksilver has become a gem for the X-Men franchise, he’s become a fan favourite over the last two films and how can blame them the character is so damn likeable and once again has one of those memorable sequences, it’s not quite the same as the Kitchen sequence from Days of Future Past albeit it’s on a grander scale but it’s still a fun, inventive and fresh, I can’t wait to see more of Quicksilver in future films.

I really liked the relationship between Charles Xavier and Moira it was a loose end from Days of Future Past, enough so that I even forgot about her character’s existence until the film explained it all again, although her character serves absolutely no purpose for the majority of the film and you wonder why she’s even there it pays of by the end for a good emotional moment between the two characters.


For the reintroduction of characters from the present day X-Men (The timelines are so confusing) Scott, Nightcrawler, Storm were all great for me even if everything they did was predictable. The antagonist Apocalypse I was sure was going to sink this film but as it turns out he was fine and was serviceable more so than forgettable Marvel villains but soon faded in the end turning into another Ultron,  hell those characters are nearly identical in their motivations.

Things I disliked: 

Ah you probably know what I’m going to write here, Jennifer Lawrence mails in the performance of a lifetime, she’s really a shadow of the character in comparison to the actress who once played the character Rebecca Romijn, trust me that’s not Mystique in an X-Men film, it’s Jennifer Lawrence playing Jennifer Lawrence in Blue Make-up for 4 minutes throughout the whole film. It’s clear the Studio built this entire film once again around Lawrence, she was also terrible in Days of Future Past but it was irrelevant because there so much other great you could look past her performance, but not this time as Singer centres the entire film around Lawrence this time making her character an ‘Icon’ and a ‘Hero’ to all the X-Men babies, it’s never explained in any way why every single Mutant in the film looks up to Mystique, was it because she didn’t kill Trask in Days of Future Past?. So yeah Lawrence was just awful and acted about as good as a piece of too, is it too late for Rebecca Romijn to return?, no?, oh well I’m not losing sleep over it.


Sophie Turner was flat and uninspiring as the X-Men baby Jean Gray in comparison to her present day character counter part Famke Janssen, she over acted and it never felt as if she embodied that character the way McAvoy and Fassbender have been able to do, Turner’s performance really isn’t anything memorable for me.

This film in its final act really falls off the wheels, the action was so boring, I felt as If I was watching the same thing occur over and over and over again for 30 minutes, the big face off final battle was generic and so predictable I got so bored, because everything onscreen became Visual noise and not visual storytelling with the addition of the poor CGI used the final act drags, I wished this film was a whole 30 minutes shorter.



Apocaylypse has good moments to it that outweigh the negative ever so slightly, without great characters in Fassbender, Quicksilver, Charles and Moira. The final act, Lawrence and Turner are like ship anchors that drag the film to a grinding halt, this film for me is very much like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice I’m split right down the middle, unlike Civil War or Deadpool where they both were great films across the board, X-Men may never be that Billion dollar franchise Fox want it to be but there a nice addition to have in the current climate of the Superhero genre.

Rating – 6/10





2 thoughts on “‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ (2016) – Movie Review

  1. First…nice review. I liked this movie. I didn’t think it was “trainwreck” of a movie (as some are calling it), but it had have some problems with it. It was good, but not my favorite X-Men movie.


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