‘Justice League’: Official First Trailer Drops at Comic-Con!


DC win Comic-Con?

San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing and DC has blown everyone away this year it’s safe to say with not only releasing a full length Wonder Woman trailer which was good but also giving us out first taste of what’s to come in ‘Justice League’ which drops in 2017 and it’s as clear as day how different tonely a film this is compared to ‘Batman v Superman’.

This trailer is very upbeat and it’s almost identical to the very first ‘Avengers’ trailer way back in 2012, as it shows Bruce Wayne and Wonder Woman trying to recruit The Flash, Aquaman (Roman Reigns) and Cyborg to the Justice League with them still pretending Superman is ‘dead’.


The trailer has more jokes and quips than the entirety of ‘Batman v Superman’…which was 3 hours long, every joke felt organic and the trailer actually got me excited for the film because for the first time DC aren’t going to the well making the tone grim, gritty, dark and way to serious this trailer was just perfect really much better than any Batman v Superman trailer, so I’m hooked The Flash specifically seems awesome I know he’s going to be like Quicksilver from the X-Men and have his own slowmotion/fast moment but that’s alright.

So just to recap before I link the trailer below, this trailer is the perfect teaser it’s FUN, funny, lighthearted  and has a cool trailer soundtrack to set the tone.

Check out the first trailer for ‘Justice League’ below which opens in 2017



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