The Walking Dead Season 7: Comic-Con Trailer reveals King Ezekiel & Shiva


Holy shit a CGI Tiger.

Comic-Con has been insane the last few days there’s been so much news for T.V., so yesterday AMC released their annual trailer for their upcoming season of ‘The Walking Dead’. Fans such as myself wondered how or will they even give us a trailer considering Season 6 concluded with a fucking huge cliffhanger.

I don’t know how they did it but AMC have done it again, they have given us an incredible trailer without giving anything away except for introducing us to The Kingdom and revealing Ezekiel and his Tiger Shiva because they knew they had to give us a metaphorical bone, a hook, the money shot..okay you get the point.

The trailer begins very chillingly by teasing us how Negan killed by showing flashbacks to great moments from the characters in previous seasons especially the Maggie and Glenn flashbacks for sure It’s either going to be Glenn or Abraham who gets the Bat that’s my prediction, what this trailer does best is show something beyond the point where Negan has Rick and the Survivors on their knees and you can really see now the scale of The Walking Dead really is huge when you compare it to Season Two, I’m excited I can’t wait this Season looks fantastic and I’m sure Dwight will be a fan favourite come the end of the season (you’ll know when you see it)

The Walking Dead Season 7 Returns this October, check out the first trailer below:



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