‘Orphan Black’ Seasons 1-4 – T.V. Series Review

It’s hard to come across truly great consistent t.v. series on Netflix these days, by that I mean shows that are binge worthy while at the same time giving you great consistent content through-in and through-out every season rather than just one, it’s nearly impossible to achieve but in this case Orphan Black does it perfectly. I’ve noticed with a lot of T.V. Series is that … Continue reading ‘Orphan Black’ Seasons 1-4 – T.V. Series Review

‘How I Met Your Mother’ – TV Series Review

Kids, this is the story of when I reviewed How I Met Your Mother  Where do I begin?…How I Met Your Mother was the Sitcom to follow-up the timeless, Infamous T.V. Sitcom Friends and to say that this series filled the void is an understatement. I grew up watching this series over the course of its 9 year season run and after seen every single … Continue reading ‘How I Met Your Mother’ – TV Series Review

‘Marvel’s Daredevil’- Season 2 Review

BANG. After 10 months of eagerly awaiting for the second season off the incredible first season that was ‘Daredevil’, anticipation was high and the question was could they exceed the first season in terms of quality…hell fucking yes. The second season of the show could have so easily been a let down because I just had no idea what they were going to give us … Continue reading ‘Marvel’s Daredevil’- Season 2 Review

‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’ – Season 1 Review

So this being the second television series from the Marvel and Netflix partnership, expectations were relatively high for me with Jessica Jones. Ever since the first teaser I was sold. I usually would take a few weeks but demand was so high I powered through this show in 2 days. I loved Daredevil’s first season it was just pure class. Now with Jessica Jones I … Continue reading ‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’ – Season 1 Review

The Walking Dead Recap: Is he really Dead? (Spoilers)

Okay before we go any further if you haven’t seen this week’s episode of The Walking Dead this is a spoiler discussion on it so click off right now if you haven’t seen it yet especially my British brotherens and I’ll be delving into the comic books too. I’ll save the review for the end of the season so we’re going to talk about the … Continue reading The Walking Dead Recap: Is he really Dead? (Spoilers)

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ – Season 1 Review

“The only way to survive a mad world is to embrace the madness.” Way back when it was announced that The Walking Dead would have its own spin-off series I groaned and thought it was a pointless waste of time. However when the Comic Con trailer was revealed my expectations completely changed into thinking that this show could be something new and refreshing and to … Continue reading ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ – Season 1 Review

‘The Walking Dead’: Season 6 Trailer – Review

Wow. I usually have unrealistically high expectations for The Walking Dead especially from last year’s San Diego Comic Con Season 5 trailer last year which blew me away but this trailer tops it in so many ways it’s really unbelievable from AMC and the producers they just keep making The Walking Dead better and better with each season. I watched the entire panel and from … Continue reading ‘The Walking Dead’: Season 6 Trailer – Review

‘Marvel’s Daredevil’ – Season 1 Review

We all were surprised when Daredevil was announced to be a TV series last year especially coming off the 2003 movie Daredevil (produced by FOX). The general public including myself was a bit weary of the idea of Marvel producing this type show and building a smaller universe within Hell’s Kitchen, NYC as their already giant universe is so large in comparison but they make it … Continue reading ‘Marvel’s Daredevil’ – Season 1 Review

‘The Walking Dead’ – Season 5 Review

The Walking Dead Season 5 is a personal favourite season for me and the first season I watched weekly being I started watching the show a year and a half ago and have become a superfan. This season showcases some of the best character development yet and shows what state the characters we follow now are in to the point where they can kill without … Continue reading ‘The Walking Dead’ – Season 5 Review